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Top 10 Best Retail Jobs to Apply For Onine


The best way to get started on the right foot when searching for a great part time dream job is researching what other people have to say about companies that they've worked for.


One of the most common questions we get is "What are the best retail jobs?"


You want to work at a place known for having great positive energy, great job benefits, excellent employee training, awesome team oriented environment, long term career options, etc...

So here's list of the TOP 10 Best retail store jobs.



How to Dress For a Job Interview


First impressions are crucial especially when your financial future is on the line. So how do you make sure that you stand out from the rest of the interview candidates the moment you walk in the door? The answer starts with your appearance.

How you dress is the first thing that the interviewer, of perhaps your future employer, will see. Everything from head to toe will catch their eye before you even get to shake their hand.

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Job Interview Tips


How bad do you want the job that you will be interviewing with? Whether it's a part time job or a serious career change, you MUST take the interview as serious as anything that you've ever done in your life. It's a chance for the interviewer to see who you really are how serious you take these potentially life altering interview.

How do you dress? What kind of questions do you ask? How well groomed are you? Do you look confident and relaxed? etc...

These are some questions that you should ask yourself.


Watch this video for some great interview tips.



Some additional question would be. How much do you know about the company you'll be interviewing with? You'd be surprised at how many people forget to research the company that they want to work for. Sure, they hear about how good the company may be, how much money they can make, and how flexible their hours might be, but what do they know about the company itself?

Do they know the company's mission statement? Do they know the company's history and how they got started? Do they know anything about the vision of the CEO and anything about how the company compares to it's competitors?

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Job Resume Tips


Now, if you're just starting out and need to get a part time job somewhere, you will look way more professional by creating a basic job resume. Yes, even if your'e 16 yrs old you can create a basic resume with your skills and education as well as what you aspire to do or become.

This video shows you how to create a very basic resume using Microsoft Word that can pretty much be found on any computer.



What is a job resume and why you need to create one. Whether you're interviewing for a part time burger flipping job or a full time career salaried position, a well done resume says tons about you and your professionalism or lack thereof.

What should you put on our resume? Should you lie on your resume and "fake it til you make it?"

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