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Free Burger King Application Online





The main competition to Mcdonalds Big Mac is the none other than the Whopper. You've most likely had both of these two titan fast food burgers and have your own opinion. What most people say is that if you want "real" meat, eat at Burger King.


Burger king application online


Having said that, Burger has a serious fanbase that competes with Mcdonalds. So, how did it all begin?



Like most successful restaurant chains, Burger King had humble beginnings from it's experienced and passionate founders. Burger King has been around since it was founded in Miami in 1954 by James McLamore and David Edgerton.


McLamore and Edgerton, both of whom had extensive experience in the restaurant business before starting their joint venture, believed in the simple concept of providing the customer with reasonably priced quality food, served quickly, in attractive, clean suroundings.

Their trademarked burger, the Whopper, was introduced in 1957 and became an instant hit. One of the factors that have helped to increase the Company's expansion and growth has been the sale of restaurant franchises. By 1961, McLamore and Edgerton had acquired national franchise rights for the Company, which was then operating 45 restaurants throughout Florida and the Southeast.


Since its Florida beginnings more than 50 years ago when a hamburger cost 18¢ and a Whopper sandwich cost 37¢, Burger King Corporation has established restaurants around the world - from Australia to Venezuela. In 1967, the Minneapolis-based Pillsbury Company acquired the Company, which then had 8,000 employees working in 274 restaurants.


Want to work for the King? Working at Burger King is much like working at Mcdonalds.You'll learn how to work effectlively as a team player and learn a lot about how important it is to follow a well built work flow system. Working for them can also lead to great corporate career opportunities as this burger chain is one of the worlds most popular franchises with hundreds of thousands of employees.


Burger King corporate careers are also very rewarding with great employee benefits that make this company a very sought after company to work for, not just for part time positions but for full time career oriented professionals.


Burger King job benefits for full time workers are eligible to participate in the following programs:
- Medical Coverage
- Dental Coverage
- Company-paid Life Insurance
- 401(k) Savings Plan with a 6% company-match


Full-time, salaried employees may also be eligible to participate in the following programs:
- Vision Coverage
- Short- and Long-Term Disability Coverage
- Flexible Spending Accounts (Health and Dependent Care)
- Tuition Assistance


Like all smart companies, they care deeply about investing in their employees. Working for Burger King will be a great and positive choice as it is a world famous brand. Future employees love seeing this on your resume because they know you've been trained to work effectively in a "team like" atmosphere.

Burger King Application Online

Burger King jobs & careers- Click here

Burger King Printable Application



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