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Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Jobs

Security guard jobs are great and give you lots of practive your people person skills because you’ll always be communicating with people, usually throughout the day. Sometimes you’ll be guarding busy companies

Workplace Violence Security Jobs Los Angeles

Business premises can be easy targets of unlawful entry, theft, sabotage, forcible occupation and even kidnappings. Setting up an effective security system reduces the occurrence of these threats – either by deterring

Security Guard Jobs in Los Angeles

Work security guard jobs in Los Angeles. La la land….Ahhhh, yes. The land where dreams are made and broken. Los Angeles in Southern California is home to some of the wealthiest people

Why Become a Security Guard Officer?

Security guard jobs are in demand, especially since Sept 11 and all the acts of terror around the world since then. Many job candidates fail to land their dream security officer jobs

Como convertirse en un guardia de seguridad y solicitar puestos de trabajo de guardia de seguridad

Puestos de trabajo de guardia de seguridad son muy buenos y te dan un montón de practicar sus habilidades persona con gente, porque siempre estará comunicando con la gente, por lo general

5 Razones Para Convertirse en un Guardia de Seguridad

Se dice, elige un trabajo que te guste, y nunca tendrás que trabajar ni un día mas. Todo el mundo se anima a hacer una diferencia en esta era de cambio continuo

5 Reasons to Become a Security Guard

It is said, choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day. Everyone is encouraged to make a difference in this era of continuous change as much

Free Honeywell Application Online

In 1906 Mark C. Honeywell founded Honeywell Heating Specialty Company Incorporated. Thanks to the damper flapper that had been invented several years before, Honeywell became an industry leader merging with its competitor

Free Metro One Loss Prevention Security Application Online

In 1984 Metro One Loss Prevention Services Group opened their doors for the first time. The company, which started out as a family owned operation, provided security services. They believed in building

Free Telecom Wireless Job Applications Online

Telecom wireless jobs are quite popular these days as mobile companies are ever expanding into our daily lives. The bigger the roles these companies play, the more we need them. These big

Free Allied Barton Security Guard Application Online

The largest American owned security company is Allied-Barton Security services. The company is a conglomeration of Barton, Spectaguard, Initial and Allied Security. In 1977 Barton Protective Services was founded. Three years later

Free EADS North America Security Application Online

Founded in 2000 the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) has become a global defense corporation. They are leaders in not only defense but military contracts across the globe. They provide

Free Omniplex Security Application Online

In August of 1990 Julien Patterson founded Omniplex World Services Corporation. He wanted to offer protective and investigative services and have the best people doing so. To do this he selected only

Free USPA Nationwide Security Application Online

USPA Nationwide was founded by Michael Evans. In 1994 Mr. Evans started his career as a local police officer in Long Island, NY. Over the next 14 years he held various law