Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Jobs

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Security guard jobs are great and give you lots of practive your people person skills because you’ll always be communicating with people, usually throughout the day. Sometimes you’ll be guarding busy companies like grocery stores and office complexes or you’ll be assigned to night watch guarding construction sites and special events.

Check out 5 reasons to become a security guard.

armed and unarmed security guard job applications

The companies below are constantly looking for and hiring security guards, armed guards, unarmed guards, bodyguards, celebrity protection, executive protection, mobile surveillance, etc…are constantly needed all year round no matter what city you live in.

Security measures taken by corporations, local governments, event organizers, etc… have increased dramatically since 9/11. There are an estimated 2 million security related jobs and private contractors in the US alone.

Think about all the special events and big venues that need them and you can easily see that opportunities are endless.

Concerts, circuses, banks, ball games, stadiums, department stores, the Oscars, Emmy Awards, conventions, dances, city festivals and events, parades, grand openings, expo’s, hotels, stores, theme parks, etc… the list goes on and on.

The great news is, is that you don’t need a college degree to be a security guard and you will be required to go through training that each company will provide and or will instruct you to go through.

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