5 Professional Careers Opportunities to Consider

best careers to get into
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Thinking about getting serious about pursuing a career? It’s important to pick the right career. Doing something that you’re passionate about, something that you’re happy doing, something that doesn’t feel like work to you, is the key. This prevents you from suffering through disappointment while hunting for a job.

Many industries today are highly competitive. One thing to consider is that when consider a career, it’s important to find a career that is in an industry that is growing and not shrinking.

The top careers today offer you positive job growth, great pay, manageable stress levels, tremendous satisfaction and are family friendly.

Here are 5 careers that offer these qualities for you.

Become a Sales engineer

This is a career where you sell machinery or technological products to clients within their specific sectors. For you to excel in this job, you must be able to understand the working processes and complex characteristics of these products. It’s a very technical job, but with high reward. This is one of the top careers to go into today because the median salary is pretty high.

According to statistics released by LinkedIn, this salary totals $80,000 every year. There are more than 3,000 listings for this job title on LinkedIn. Also, the number of job opportunities have increased at a rate of 159%. In addition to that, becoming a sales engineer has a career growth rate score of 6 out of 10 making it is a promising career to go into today.

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Become a Physician’s assistant

This is a job that is squarely in the medical field. As a physician’s assistant, your responsibility includes treating illnesses, prescribing medicine and performing physical examinations of patients. An average salary for a physicians assistant is $92,000 every year. In terms of growth rate, we’re looking at 39%.

Become a Pharmacist

This is also one of the top careers to go into today. As a pharmacist, you have comprehensive knowledge on various types of medication, their effects and how to administer them to patients. Salary as a pharmacists is in the range of $123,000 a year in the USA.

LinkedIn shows that there are more than 3,300 available pharmacist positions today. This shows immense opportunity for employment. Job growth has increased to 45%. As a pharmacist’s position, you’re also looking at 50%.

best careers to get into

Become a Systems engineer

This is one of the top careers to pursue today. As a systems engineer, you are responsible for building, maintaining and troubleshooting computer systems. Information Technology (IT) is applicable today in literally every sector of¬† every industry, so you can literally take your pick as to what industry you want to work in. The average annual salary for a systems engineer is $87,000. This particular field is expected to grow by up to 45% over the next decade. Most companies that hire systems engineer, require that you have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, so get cracking if you don’t have one!

Become a Doctor

Yeah, you knew that a doctor was going to be on this list, didn’t you?! That’s because, no matter have advanced technology is and will be, the population will always be growing as well. That means that there will always be a need for doctors in every area of expertise.

What career would you pick?

The median base salary for a doctor is $222,000 every year. Currently, there are more than 1,000 positions that are open for this job title. This is an 87% increase since last year. A doctor can expect job growth chances of 6 out of 10, but you can also open up your own clinic and expect to have a steady flow of patients in almost any city you live in.

If you’re looking to pursue a career in one of these top 5 professions, make sure you look at the academic requirements before you do anything. This will determine how you spend your time over the next few years. As you study, you can work part time in security guard jobs, Walmart jobs, Starbucks jobs, etc… to pay the bills or for extra pocket money. A lot of dedication to studying may be required for the next couple of years, but after that, it can literally be smooth sailing from there.

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