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Senior citizen jobs are in abundance today as more and more companies expand and compete with rivals for a greater market share in their respective industries.

More stores and locations means more employees. Many senior citizens choose to go back into the workforce to fight the boredom that comes with retirement. Staying active is key for senior citizens and there’s no better way than to get back on the clock and be part of a team.

Many companies have opened their doors to a more diverse workforce that includes hiring seniors.

Are there jobs for senior citizens? Yes, many places offer jobs for senior citizens

What kinds of jobs are available for senior citizens? Many fast foot restaurants and retail stores offer jobs and employment for senior citizens.

Here’s a list of 7 Top Retail Stores Jobs for Senior Citizens that are treasures in the world of jobs for retired people.

1.) Senior citizen jobs at Starbucks

Starbucks tops the list of 7 Top Retail Stores Jobs for Senior Citizens. They hire individuals regardless of age and provide them health benefits and incentives.

Employees can become eligible for the full list of like vision, dental, life insurance, and disability. Starbucks also allows employees to purchase company stock at 5 percent premium through payroll cuts and gives a 30 percent discount in the store as well as a weekly dose of free tea or coffee.

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2.) Senior citizen jobs at Whole Foods

Out of the total 90000 employees of Whole Foods Market (acquired by Amazon), roughly 24000 employees are part-time workers who also include senior citizens and retired people. Whole Foods employees are among the best-compensated individuals in the retail industry.

Employees who work for at least 20 hours a week are eligible for several benefits like complete medical, vision and dental coverage. Also, part-time workers can get a flat 20% discount on store items, paid vacation and sick leave, stock options, life insurance for a bare minimum fee per month and the 401 k plan.

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senior citizen jobs online


3.) Senior citizen jobs at The Container Store

The Container Store invites senior citizens and retired individuals with open arms. They are always looking for good employees belong to any age group. The Container Store provides their part-time employees with life, dental, vision and long-term and short-term disability insurance policies.

Very rare of its kind, the company also offers pet insurance and extended life insurance benefit for spouses and domestic partners. The employees are eligible to opt for the 401k plan once they complete 11 months and also get a whopping 40% discount on items and extra 30% discount on installation.

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Part-Time Jobs for Senior Citizens

4.) Senior citizen jobs at REI

The leading sportswear clothing and outdoor recreation equipment brand, REI is a fabulous place to work post retirement, especially those who have lots of outdoor experience. Employees who work for at least 20 hours or more in a week are eligible for 96% subsidy on insurance premiums.

REI also pays the complete cost of life and disability insurance and praises its employees with 50% discount on outdoor gear. REI part-time employees can also take part in the 401k plan by offering 75% of their pay to the company

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5.) Senior citizen jobs at Lowe’s

World’s leading home improvement brand, Lowe’s has an “age no bar” policy for its part-time employees. They leverage a limited medical plan that covers the cost of preventive office appointments.

Lowe’s part-time employees are eligible for vision, disability, and dental insurance plans. The company also offers a direct stock investment plan and a 401k plan after a year of service, and 40 hours of funded vacation time after 180 days of duty.

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6.) Senior citizen jobs at Costco

The second biggest retailer in the country, Costco has a workforce of more than 126,000 employees, many of which are part-time workers. These part-time employees also include senior citizens and retired individuals.

Costco employees who work higher than 24 hours per week and record 180 days of duty are eligible for the Choice Plus health plan, which permits them to choose their private providers. They are also eligible for a low-cost dental plan, which includes preventative visits and vision coverage. Other benefits include a direct stock buy plan, 401k plan, life and disability insurance, and long-term care insurance.

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7.) Senior citizen jobs at UPS

Working at a UPS is great for retirees and senior citizens who are looking for a part-time job with benefits. Working as a delivery driver in the warehouse is great for seniors who wish to be active and moving around all day.

Part-time employees need to work for only 15 hours a week to become eligible for various health benefits. Coverage includes dental, vision, health and life insurance, as well as a prescription drug program with discounts on prescription drugs and UPS stocks at discounted prices. The company also provides spending budgets for eldercare to reduce the care giving costs.

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7 Fast Food Restaurant Jobs for Senior Citizens

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