College Student Part-Time Jobs

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As a college student, we know how tight money can be. In fact, there may not even be enough money to cover all of the day to day expenses that pop up like book costs, living expenses and other expenditures. That brings up the need to find a part-time job to help cover these expenses.

Some of these jobs can be a lot of fun, while others may not be. In any case, by now we know the importance of getting a part-time job and we have to understand that it will only be for a relatively short amount of time. Some ideas of college student part-time jobs that may be available for you to work are:

  1. Campus work: perhaps there is a need for an assistant in one of the campus offices. These part-time jobs are generally offered to the college students so that they have a flexible position that will work around their class schedule. The same holds true for other positions around campus as well such as the book store, the dining hall and other similar areas.

  2. Bartending: While bartending will generally mean working well into the night, this doesn’t always affect your classes. It just depends on your class schedule. Bartending can be quite lucrative as well, depending on where you work. Some clubs have bartenders taking home several hundred dollars for a single nights work.
  3. Freelancing: This is typically an online type of job that can be lucrative. You can definitely work within your own schedule, and you work within your skills so it is ultimately not that difficult. There are many freelance type positions available online including writing, web design, programming and dozens of other related projects.

The bottom line is this: the economy is in turmoil right now. Gone for the most part are the days of the student going to school and simply concentrating on studying. In these times, in order to meet expenses, the student absolutely must find a part-time job for situations such as having money to buy books, to meet the day to day cost of living or simply to be able to go out and have a good time once in a while.

On a college campus, there are usually many resources at your disposal that will help you to find a college student part-time job. These may include college resource boards, local newspapers, internet searches, and other such venues.

Tuition prices are on the rise while income levels remain the same. The cost of books rise almost every semester it seems and even buying used books can become quite expensive, so the need for a part-time job is most definitely there. You simply have to act on it and begin your search.

In doing so, you not only show that you accept responsibility for life, but it gives you an opportunity to build a work history and learn life skills in the process. No one is going to look down on someone who has worked in fast food for 4 or more years while going to school!

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