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If you’ve ever traveled anywhere else in the world and happened to walk into a Mcdonalds, you’ll see that their employees work exactly the same as the employees at all the other Mcdonalds that you’ve ever been to.

Another way of putting this is that Mcdonalds runs effectively by mostly teens around the world and year after year they continue to grow.

Even during times of recession, Mcdonalds has a history of hiring thousands of people to their workforce.

How is this possible? It’s all in the system that they’ve built that allows them to run effectively and efficiently.

Also, because their menus are affordable, they actually thrive even in times of nationwide recessions.

People still need to eat. Also, the people that were used to fine dining but now find themselves upon hard times struggling to make ends meet, will usually end up at affordable fast food places like Mcdonalds to satisfy that dining out habit that they sorely miss.

This is the reason why most McDonalds are still buzzing with life, regardless of the state of the economy.

And to handle their anxiously hungry customers is a speedy crew working all stations from the cash register to the drive in window, from the deep fryers to the hamburger assembly line.

They never seem to miss a beat. Always busy and plugging away day and night.

Mcdonalds training program

Mcdonalds is world renowned for their employee training program called Hamburger University.

Why this same work flow is identical at every McDonalds is because McDonalds corporation has put together an effective system with world class training and every McDonalds follows the exact system.

Young or old, makes no difference. As long as they follow the system, they are set up for success.

Mcdonalds sets the standard for any business wishing to operate efficiently with a team spirit environment.

Starbucks, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, etc… have all implemented Ray Kroc’s systematic approach.

They have great benefits too. Corporate employees receive medical, dental and vision coverage along with life insurance.

McDonalds Application Online

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McDonalds Printable Application

If you would like to fill out a standard McDonalds job application and walk into your local McDonalds restaurant and hand it in, directly to the manager, you can >> Download a McDonalds printable job application here (right click and “save as”)

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