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Opened in 1939 by Joe Albertson, Albertsons grocery became an overnight success. Our sense was one of the first stores to offer a money-back guarantee, free parking, and ice cream shop. The business was extremely successful allowing the owner to open new stores in neighboring towns.
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He was once quoted as saying that when he got ready to open a new store, he would visit the town he was planning on opening it in and look for neighborhoods where children’s clothes on the line. He would want to open stores in a place where there were working families present. Within 30 years Albertsons had open 100 grocery stores nationwide.
Albertsons also went on to become the first grocery/drug store in history. For the store has been extremely successful due to some hard business ventures some of the stores have closed; those that remain open have plenty of variety for job seekers to look for.

Because Albertsons does have a fully staffed pharmacy, there are pharmaceutical positions available. Each pharmacy must have at least one pharmacist on staff at all times. So if you have your advanced degree in pharmaceutical sciences then you may consider applying further pharmacist positions. They also hire pharmacy student to help them get a hands-on experience and mentor under a fully certified pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians are key to maintaining the flow and accuracy of the pharmacy.

Albertsons also has many corporate store support positions. These positions include retail management, merchandising, finance/accounting, IT, retail store design, human resources and much more. These are often found at the corporate level and are essential to making Albertsons run smoothly.

Because Albertsons is first and foremost a grocery store there are many retail positions available. Hourly positions include cashiers, stock personnel, warehouse personnel, baggers, and many other positions. You can also apply for one of their many store manager or assistant manager positions.

Albertsons Application Online

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