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Am/Pm is a United States based convenience store. The chain was founded in 1978, and was first opened in Southern California. As a brand of BP America these convenience stores offer either BP gas or ARCO brand gas, as BP owns their parent company Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO).

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These convenience stores can be found in California, Oregon, Washington, Kentucky, Nevada, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. They can also be found in several countries worldwide, such as Japan.

If you are interested in working for am/pm then you’ll most likely be working in one of their convenient stores. As a convenient store associate you’ll be responsible for maintaining the store. You’ll have to stock the shelves, clean the store and assist customers with their purchases. You may even be responsible for checking in the stock that is delivered to ensure the order is correct.

You can work your way up to shift manager. As a shift manager you’ll be responsible for the people that work under you. You’ll have to ensure that the register balances, that your shift is fully staffed and may have to assist in ordering the stock for the store.

AMPM job benefits for qualified employees include:

  • Medical Coverage
  • Dental Coverage
  • Vision Coverage
  • Life insurance
  • 401(k) and Other Plans
  • Vacation/Holiday Pay
  • Sick Pay
  • Employee discounts

As a store manager you are responsible for all the people that work in your store. You’ll be in charge of hiring associates, making work schedules, and ordering stock. You’ll have to make sure that your store operates within its financial budget. It is also your responsibility to make sure that the work is getting done properly.

AMPM Application Online
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