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AT&T is the seventh largest telecommunications corporation in the United States. The company, American Telephone and Telegraph, was founded on October 5, 1983 after the breakup of the original AT&T company. There were several regional bell companies at this time and Southwestern Bell was one of them.

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The new AT&T incorporated all of these at this time. Southwestern Bell became SBC and eventually became fully, AT&T in 2005 when they merged.

Today they service not only home phones but cell phones, internet and satellite services.

There are many different types of positions available within the AT&T realm. Customer service jobs are very popular. Also, one job that comes to mind when you think AT&T is, of course, installer.

Doing this job means you’ll have to interact with the customer by installing home phone, internet, or satellite television services. Mainly you’ll be working with equipment that will be used in the home. AT&T provides all the training you will need to be able to perform this job, but someone with electrical or other technology background is preferred. You won’t be sitting at a desk all day so you must be able to withstand the outdoor conditions.

One of the other big jobs at AT&T is customer service. This could be through working in one of their retail locations, such as a wireless store, or in one of their call centers. If you work in one of their stores you’ll be responsible for assisting customers with their questions about a variety of equipment and service packages. You might have to handle billing questions and technical issues as well.

Customer service representatives at the call centers means you will have to deal with the customers on many other levels. You’ll have to answer questions not only about billing, but also technical questions and other complaints. You must be able to handle multiple problems.

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