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Want to work at a fun filled place centered around expecting parents, babies, and toddlers? Then you need to work at Babies R Us! This company has over 70,000 employees in 35 countries around the world.

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Babies R Us has the same roots as Toys R Us, being owned by the same corporation. Founded originally in 1948 as solely a children’s and infant furniture store owner Charles Lazarus added toys to his line up of merchandise.

This proved to be the golden ticket as toys will always be needed to entertain and educate kids. There are literally millions and millions of different kinds of toys in all shapes and sizes and from all over the world.

Same goes for items that are needed for babies. From clothes, shoes, educational material, and toys, to baby supplies, furniture, and car seats, Babies R Us! has it. This makes them the mecca for all things "baby.

This is a global world recognized company so working for them can lead to seriously rewarding careers.

After the toy store became a success and took off it was years before there was an expansion in the product line.

Back to their history… In 1996 Babies R Us opened its first store. Instead of specializing in toys this branch specializes in the necessities that all infants and toddlers need, from clothing and formula to furniture. They have strollers, car seats, and infant toys as well.

Babies R Us job benefis offers a wide array of positions with competitive pay for their employees.

They also offer a comprehensive benefits packages. Employees have medical, dental and vision insurance available to them.

In addition, they have prescription care coverage, employee assistance programs, life insurance, sick time, vacation time and 401(k) matching program, and they seriously encourage you to save money for your future.

The "R" Us brand is a great corporation to work for and they have jobs all over the USA and world wide.

Fill out an application online as best you can so you can work for a world class company with excellent employee benefits.

Babies R Us Application Online
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