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British Petroleum, or BP, was founded in 1909 as Anglo-Persian Oil Company. APOCO was a subsidiary of Burmah Oil Company. In 1935 Burmah Oil Company became Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.

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In the 50’s there was a coup involving the Shah and Iranian military. After the coup AIOC resumed operations in Iran as a member of Mossadeq’s National Iranian Oil Company. In 1954, AIOC became British Petroleum Company and began to expand beyond the Middle East to Alaska.

Today, BP is located worldwide under the names BP, Air BP Aviation, Castrol motor oil, ARCO gas, am/pm convenience stores, and Aral service stations solar panels.

In the BP stations you’ll have to maintain a clean store. You’ll be responsible for mopping the floors, cleaning the counters, and even cleaning the bathrooms. The store, including the bathrooms, must be maintained and well stocked.

You will have to lift boxes, spend time in the freezer restocking cold drinks, and take delivery of stock. You’ll also have to assist customers in locating goods and ringing out the customers. You will have to be able to run the register, make change correctly, and close out the tickets at the end of the day, or your shift dependent on what your store does. In some cases you’ll have to assist the manager by readying the deposits and receipts.

As a manager you’ll be responsible for making the schedule so that your store is well staffed at all times. You’ll also be responsible for making sure that the appropriate items are ordered in a timely manner. This way you won’t have a surplus hanging around the stock room, and you won’t run out of the popular items that most people purchase. You will also be responsible for making sure that your employees abide by the law, by checking id for alcohol and tobacco.

BP Application Online

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