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Buffalo Wild Wings history dates back to 1982, when it was founded after James Disbrow who, by that time, lived in Buffalo, New York.

He went to Kent, Ohio, in order to judge an amateur figure skating competition that would take place at Kent State University in 1981.

He and his good friend Scott Lowery met and went searching for a place to get authentic Buffalo-style chicken wings.

They couldn’t find one, so they came up with the best solution possible: to open up their own restaurant.

They’d start in Columbus, Ohio, and then, one year later, they opened up in Westerville, Ohio.

Originally under the name Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, abbreviated as BW3, the restaurant became a franchise.

By 2009, the restaurant chain had, across 45 U.S states, 652 locations, 232 of which were directly owned by the company and the other 420 were franchised locations.

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It currently has restaurants in 925 locations, both in the U.S. and Canada.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, a casual dining restaurant and sports bar famous for its Buffalo wings.

Well, and more than that. “Wings.Beer.Sports”. These are the three words that they live by.

They matter a lot to them, because that’s what their fans want. And making their fans happy is all that they are about.

Buffalo Wild Wings isn’t a place just for you to eat. It is basically, well, a place for you to have loads of fun.

Humor is an essential characteristic for the environment.

For instance, their very famous traditional, award winning Buffalo, New York-style wings spun fresh in their very own Buffalo Wild Wings sauce or dry seasoning, comes accompanied by sauces & seasonings that the customer must choose.

They are ranked in ascending order of spiciness, and the menu description of the Blazin’ sauce reads: “Keep away from your eyes, pets, children: The hottest sauce we got. You’d BETTER-BE-READY BLAZIN’.”

If there’s a sports competition on TV, and you can drink beer and eat wings while watching, that’s exactly what you will be doing in Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.

That’s what Buffalo Wild Wings is about. There are also other possible dishes, including a kids’ menu and desserts.

Here’s a video of a 12 yr old kid eating 18 hot sauces from Buffalo Wild Wings.

Job Opportunities at Buffalo Wild Wings:

Working at Buffalo Wild Wings should prove to be a fun, fast-paced experience.

Possibly even electric, giving you the experience of being in the stadium on game day. Same story with Wingstop.

Both part-time and full-time, there are management positions and restaurant positions: Bartender, Cashier, Greeter, Cook, and Server are some of the possibilities.

Job benefits at Buffalo Wild Wings include:

Buffalo Wild Wings job benefits, as with most other companies, are dependent on the hours you work as well as job position.

  • Health
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Sick days
  • Employee discounts
  • 401k

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