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The oldest predecessor of the Chevron Corporation is the Pacific Coast Oil Company which was formed in 1879 after the discovery of oil in Pico Canyon north of Los Angeles. In 1895 Coast Oil, as Pacific Coast was better known, launched California’s first steel tanker shipping 6,500 barrels of crude oil between Ventura and San Francisco.

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Five years later Coast Oil was acquired by Standard Oil, which was reincorporated as Standard Oil Co. (California) in 1906. It wasn’t until 1984 when Standard Oil of California and Gulf Oil merged that the company changed its name to Chevron Corporation.

Today Chevron is one of the six “super major” oil companies with stations in More than 180 countries including the United States.

As a gas station attendant at one of Chevron’s gas stations you’ll be responsible for all the store’s functions.

You’ll be responsible for handling monetary transactions for the customers, which means you should be familiar with how to make change, run a register, and possibly basic bookkeeping. You may have to assist the manager by readying daily deposits. You’ll also have to take delivery of stock. You’ll have to double check the order against what has been delivered to ensure accuracy.

You may even have to sign off that the delivery is accurate. You’ll have to stock the shelves with merchandise and keep the store looking neat and tidy. You may be required to lift items that are 25 pounds or more and have to work in varying temperatures by having to spend some time in the cooler stocking drinks and other items that must be kept cold.

As a Chevron Store manager it’s your responsibility to help your team meet their sales goals. You’ll be responsible for interviewing and hiring staff. It will also be your responsibility to ensure that the store is well staffed at all times.

Chevron Application Online

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