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Chicken Express was founded by Richard and Nancy Stuart in 1988, in Texas, United States of America. Purveyors of simple, fast and delicious food, always with a friendly service on the sides, this company nowadays has over 150 locations throughout the United States, and the company is always open to franchise opportunities and solutions, as their owner/operator philosophy is the key ingredient here.

chicken express online application

The chain focuses essentially on fried chicken, catfish and chicken tenders, but it also has sides, that include fried pickle slices, corn on the cob, apple pie, mashed potatoes, fried okra, gravy, cheese sticks, coleslaw, French fries, corn nuggets, mini poppers, green beans and jalapeƱos.

One of their other key products is their Iced Tea, which is sold by the gallon. Chicken Express has 6 classic Combos that consist in a dish with tenders, wings, gizzards or chicken pieces with regular sides and 1 large drink. Then, the catfish & hushpuppies menus, that consist of several fish fillets for single or double diner, or with 8 fillets for a family. These fish dishes are served with 1 or 2 sides, depending on the dish, and with or without hushpuppies, depending on your dish choice too.

As Chicken Express is known for their family values as well, they have a special Family Meals menu for the masses, that is the same as their other menus but with slight changes, including portions and also biscuits and homemade gravies, which are great if you’re planning to add a gallon of tea to the mix for a great dinner with your loved ones. The service is simple and polite, as the company strives for a better business through the good old Texas manners.

Regarding employment, Chicken Express is a multicultural and employee driven company.

It is equal in opportunities (for instance, someone with a criminal record can apply and succeed in the company) and believes the key to development and progress is the belief in their fellow employee.

A comprehensive Employment Application is available in the company’s website, and the usual perks like a competitive salary, discount on meals and other common benefits in the fast food industry are available as well, depending on the job you want to apply.

The roles offered are diverse and vary from franchise to franchise, so give them and yourself an opportunity to grow by visiting their homepage linked below.

Chicken Express Application Online

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