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Chicken Licken is a fast food company that hatched its first egg in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1982, and today it is the second largest fast food chain there and also the world’s largest non-American chicken fast food store.

As the name implies, Chicken Licken focuses on chicken only, a conservative and always lucrative market in African nations, and it is represented in Zambia, Botswana, South Africa and Nigeria, with more than 225 outlets already.

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Betting aggressively on TV, radio and other media with commercials and promotions, it soon became the favourite South African fast food chain.

It’s easy to see why the company is so important: even though it sells only chicken fast food, their secret is the variety of products they present to the public.

The classics are many and always available in the classic or soulfire version: you have the Just Chicken Licken chicken pieces, that is served from singles to family barrels of 21, and also Special Specials, the classic Chicken Licken menus, composed of hot wings or pieces, salad, fries and a beverage to go.

Then, there are the Chicken meals, dishes of chicken with toast only and beverage, which are a staple, and the bestselling Love Me Tender Burgers, classic or hot sauced, with or without cheese, and always with tomato, lettuce, the company’s own Dreamy Creamy or Soulfirenaise dressing and a very tender fillet of chicken.

There are other smaller hamburgers, the Slyders, sold at a much lower price and the same quality, suitable for a snack or for children, and that are served single or up to 8 in a pack, and finally there are also the Easy Bucks menus, consisting of snack menus with pieces, wings or Slyders that go with fries and dressings.

The Chicken Licken chain also offers the obvious complements, like Sundaes, Cones cold drinks and salads, which top off all the dishes for a complete feast.

In regard to employment, there are always vacant positions available, be it for crew members or management and area management positions, always depending on the franchise one applies to.

The perks and benefits of working for Chicken Licken are varied, from paid vacation and medical insurance as well as job insurance, paid time off and sick leaves, performance bonus and flexible time schedules, always handy for part time employees and students.

As before, and since it’s mainly a franchise business, it will all depend on the position you’re applying to and also the franchisee.

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