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Chowking is a Philippine chain that specializes on Asian food with a touch of the West with its fast food approach. Founded in 1985, it’s a Jollibee company, the largest Philippine fast food chain. Nowadays, Chowking is established in such diverse locations as North America and The United Arab Emirates.

chowking application online

The unique focus of the chain in oriental food and ingredients has been a staple since its inception, and it serves all three main meals plus anytime of the day snacks.

For breakfast at the Chowking, the two specialties are Almuchow, consisting of Chinese fried meat and served with fried rice and egg, with three varieties: Chinese sausage, beef and pork. Lunch and dinner are more diversified, with 5 Lauriat dishes that mix fish, meat, vegetables, chicken, fruit, sauces and dressing, Chinese rolls and rice, between others, like the classic Sweet and Sour Pork Lauriat or the Shanghai Lauriat.

There’s also 10 chinese rice dishes, with meat, chicken or fish ad always served with veggies and sauces too, like the Orange Chicken Rice Meal, the Braised Beef with Rice or the Boneless Bangus Garlic Rice Meal. Instead of making rice as side food only, the chain also serves meals with rice as the main ingredient: the Chaofan fried rice meals.They are served with small bits of Iberian chorizo (a type of hard and smoked sausage), pork, beef, veggies, spices, egg and shrimp. Finally, there also family sets, all in the Lauriat family, consisting of fried chicken pieces, beef and pork, pancit, chicharap and dim sum served with rice and with cold beverages to go or to eat inside the store.

For big world wide chains like this, jobs are abundant. If you’re a snacks kind of person, that’s ok, as Chowking serves 4 noodle soups, 3 pancit dishes, 4 dim sum types with different sauces, 5 side dishes like rolls, kangkong with bagoong, chicharap and plain or pork tofu. Their 4 different Chow Pao’s (sandwiches with pork, chicken, beef or sausage) are also snack staples, and they go well with noodle soups too. They only have 2 desserts, the Buchi Lotus Cream and the impossibly delicious Halo-Halo, a big cup with fruit, syrup, milk, ice-cream, pudding and gelatin topped with dried seeds, which is a must.

In 2000, Chowking was acquired by Jollibee. As for employment, Chowking is an employee driven company, as it is equal in opportunities and believes the key to development is the belief in their employees. A complete employment application is available in the company’s website, and the common perks and benefits like a competitive salary, discount on meals and other common benefits in the fast food industry are available as well, depending on the job you want to apply.

The roles offered are diverse and vary from franchise to franchise, so try them out in your local area as they are a popular brand name in the asian themed restaurant food industry.

Job benefits at Chowking include:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Paid Vacation
  • Sick Leaves
  • 401K Retirement Plan
  • Supplemental Benefits
  • Employee Meals
  • Signing Privileges
  • Intensive Training
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Growth Opportunities

Chowking Application Online

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