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Circuit City began as the specialty retail store Wards in 1932. Samuel Wurtzel, the store’s founder, got the idea to open television store while on vacation. By 1959 the chain had for stores and was continuing to successfully grow by: wiring stores in locations outside its native Richmond Virginia. This 60s and 70s saw the continued growth.

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In 1984 the company, under the direction of Wurtzel’s son Alan, changed its name to Circuit City.

Circuit City continued to grow and expand. Much of the sales staff factory training customers are pleased with the service they were receiving. At the time Wards became Circuit City many of the stores were smaller stores but with the success several Wards that loading dock superstore the Circuit City stores were also becoming superstores.

By the end of the 1980s Circuit City was beginning to diversify. One such out branch was the car dealership that is growing in popularity even today.

Another offshoot was the mall-based chain of electronics stores called "Impulse." These stores carried small personal electronics and cell phones. In 1995 the name was changed to Circuit City express to capitalize on the Circuit City name.

In 2000, Circuit City changed its format again in an effort to compete with its main competitor, Best Buy. The format included much of a self-serve style removing more most of their large appliances. While this expanded the space for a diversity of products it might not have been the wisest move.

Unfortunately Circuit City’s missing out on the and housing newly of the early 2000 didn’t help their financial situation. By 2008 the company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in an effort to reorganize. Unable to then prove business in a timely manner the company was forced to file a Chapter 11 liquidation in January of 2009.

Circuit City closed it’s doors for good on March 8, 2009. The company’s website Circuit has since been purchased by Systematics Incorporated and is currently being ran as Circuit with the Circuit City logo.

Circuit City Application Online

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