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Opened as the Snack Shop in 1948 by John and Audrey McIntosh, the couple soon grew the restaurant to a chain of several others and in 1965 they turned all the stores into the Coco’s concept. As the name clearly suggests, the chain build its success on pies, adding several other dishes over the time.

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In 2002, Coco’s was bought along its sibling chain store Carrows by the Catalina restaurant group, and this group was bought in 2006 by the Japanese Zensho Co. Ltd. group, which had previously operated Coco’s in Japan for many years. They currently have more than 500 locations in the World.

Coco’s menu covers all daily meals, from breakfast to dinner and even a snack pause if you’re in the mood. Starting with breakfast, the store serves a whopping 14 different pancakes served with different sides for every taste.

You can also opt for grilled sandwiches, toasts or cinnamon rolls by choosing the Top of the Griddle menu, or you can go for omelettes and, if you’re really in need of a substantial breakfast, the Traditionals menu with steaks, ham, sausages, eggs, fried potatoes and plate hamburgers and others will fit the shoe perfectly. As for lunch, the list is equally gigantic, with 7 different sandwiches, with highlights for the California Chicken Ciabatta and the French Dip, 6 premium hamburgers like the Santa Barbara Burger with applewood smoked ham and served on a brioche bun and the San Francisco Sourdough burger with caramelized onions and served on grilled Sourdough; 12 different salads for every like finish off the lunch menu. When it comes to dinner, 10 steaks with sides like veggies and mashed potatoes, 6 different chicken dishes, 8 seafood plates and the 14 Club 55 options finalize the extensive eating list.

Besides all three main meals though, you can find and choose from 5 appetizers like Cajun Onion Rings and Carnitas Nachos and 10 premium sweet pies like apple, banana or chocolate. Diversity is the name of the game at Coco’s.

This restaurant is popular and is similar in style to Denny’s, operating in countries world wide so if you ever feel like living abroad you’d feel right at home working as a crew member with them.

Working at Coco’s is also great, as there are many available roles like hosts, cooks, bakers and dishwashers, as well as management positions like Team leaders, train managers and area managers, all with great perks and benefits like competitive wages, opportunities to advance, medical, vision and dental coverage (based on eligibility requirements), meal discounts, flexible scheduling, industry-leading training, a fun, fast and friendly work environment, vacation benefits, tuition reimbursement and performance based bonuses.

Working with these conditions is certainly GREAT! Apply today by visiting Coco’s online and filling out an online job application.

Coco’s Application Online

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