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Are you a coffee lover? Millions of people everyday drink coffee, many of them more that once a day. Coffee is a multi billion dollar industry and getting a job at a coffee shop and being an excellent employee will almost guarantee you a long fruitful career as a barista.

Starbucks, for example, has over 21,500 locations in over 64 countries as of this writing. Imagine applying for a job at Starbucks and getting hired, then deciding you want to move to another state or country, there will most likely be another Starbucks at the city that you’ll be moving to and getting a job there and/or asking for a transfer should be fairly easy. That’s one of the advantages of working at a company with tons and tons of locations

Coffee jobs are also great because, unlike retail or fast food jobs, you’re going to see a lot of daily regulars that come in and you’ll get to talk with them and “make their day” every day they come in…which is almost daily!

Coffee shop jobs also have the benefit of tips without dealing with the pressures of waiting on clients like waiters and waitresses do.

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