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In 1875 the Continental Oil and Transportation Company was founded in Ogden Utah. In 1929, Continental Oil was acquired by Marland Oil, keeping the name of Continental Oil Company (Conoco) and the company moved its headquarters to Ponca City, Oklahoma.

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During this time in 1917 Frank Phillips founded Phillips Petroleum Company in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Phillips named his fuel Phillips 66 because the fuel was tested on the famous Route 66, which cuts through Oklahoma; in a car going 66 MPH. in August of 2002 the two companies merged forming the current company ConocoPhillips.

The company moved its headquarters to Energy Corridor in Houston Texas and they operate gas stations under the Conoco and Phillips 66 names.

When you work at one of their gas stations you will be expected to keep a clean and friendly atmosphere.

You will be responsible for interacting with the customers, making sure that the store is clean, and that the shelves are stocked. You may have to assist customers in locating specific items. You will also be required to run the cash register, money handling experience is a plus. You’ll have to make change, run credit/debit cards, and check identification for restricted products such as tobacco or alcohol. Because you will be the person that is most visible you may be responsible for taking delivery of stock as it comes in. Should you take delivery of the stock you will be required to verify that the delivery is correct based on the order that was made.

As a store manager it is your job to make sure that the store runs smoothly and that the sales goals are met. You will be responsible for ordering stock in a timely manner so that you don’t run out of popular products but not so much that you will have a large excess in the store room. You’ll also be responsible for the interviewing, hiring, and scheduling of employees.

ConocoPhillips Application Online

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