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The Corner Bakery Café started out as just that, simple bakery located on a corner. They started out simply supplying fresh-baked bread to the local clientele. Because of the popularity of their fresh baked bread they decided to add a café to their already popular bakery.

corner bakery online application online for jobs

Today the Corner Bakery Café is owned by the CBC restaurant company based out of Dallas Texas. They have locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Washington DC.

There are several opportunities when you decide to work for Corner Bakery Café. The most common positions are the hourly positions. These crew positions often offer flexible hours so students can have no problem working around your already hectic schedule. A station trainer is a key position at the corner bakery. As a station trainer it will be your ability to teach new employees the ropes at each station. It is a great way to share the secrets of a well-run bakery.

If you’re really good at motivating and directing then you should become one of the shift leaders. You will then be responsible for directing team. You can put people where they work the best to keep the high-energy and standards will soar. You may also find a home as a market trainer. As the market trainer you will be responsible in assisting and helping new Corner Bakery cafés across the nation.
Corner Bakery Café also has several management positions available. Sure you’re probably thinking to be a manager you have to sacrifice your life and your family, isn’t it what most restaurant managers do?

Well Corner Bakery is different. While they do serve dinner they aren’t into extremely late nights. Plus with no hard to save him clean steam tables and deep fryers you don’t have to stay long after closing.

Corner Bakery Application Online
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