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What started out as a man’s hobby has become a legend in the retail clothing industry. In 1920, in Seattle Washington, he opened the Eddie Bauer’s Tennis Shop in the back of hunting and fishing store. During the tennis season this enterprising 21 year old repaired and built tennis racquets.

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Because his other interests included spending much of his free time in the great outdoors it wasn’t long before he began to expand his line of merchandise to include items such as fishing tackle and handmade golf clubs. He then changed the name of his store to Eddie Bauer’s Sport shop. In 1940 he patented the first goose down insulated jacket, a jacket that led his designing and patenting more outdoor wear for his store.

Today the company operates with more than 350 stores worldwide and is still well known for their outdoor lines as well as their home furnishings.

One of the largest areas for employment is their retail locations. To be able to survive in their location s you must be able to work in a fast paced environment.

You have to be able to achieve a sales intensity that shows you are enthusiastic about sales. As well as being a capable sales person you must be able continue excellent customer service and you must be able to work a flexible schedule. You might not get every weekend or holiday off working one of these jobs because they try to staff their best people to work at peak retail traffic hours.

Eddie Bauer job benefits for eligible employees areenjoy a wide array of benefits. You will be eligible for

  • medical
  • dental
  • vision
  • paid vacation
  • sick
  • holiday
  • personal days
  • paid parental leave for both mom and dad
  • adoption assistance if you are interested in adopting

Eddie Bauer Application Online

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