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In 1988, Rick Teasta and Mike Dobson founded EZ Lube. The company is based out of Costa Mesa with locations in California and Arizona. It is the largest is privately owned fast oil change companies in the United States.

ez lube online application for jobs

There are lots of different jobs available at one of the many EZ Lube locations. One of the most common jobs is the technician. The technician is the person that performs the actual maintenance on the vehicles.

If you’re into anything auto maintenance, EZ Lube is a well known player in the automotive industry and getting started with this company will help you learn more than the basics.

They are also the customer service liaison that greets the customers and explain the services available. You will also have to enter the customer information into the computer and review the vehicle history. You will have to escort the customer to and from the vehicle, and provide customer service in a professional manner.

Another position at EZ Lube is the cashier position. As a cashier you’ll be a customer service liaison. If the technician’s unavailable you will be responsible for greeting customers and explaining services offered. You’ll also have to enter the information into the computer to review the vehicle history. You’ll need to update customer information when necessary. You’ll also be responsible for cashing out customers and informing them of the services performed. You also will need to offer EZ rider program to customers for future discounts and answer phones and perform light clerical work.

There are managerial positions available at EZ Lube. As an EZ Lube manager you’ll be responsible for interviewing and hiring store employees. You will also be required to train new employees and stimulate productivity. As a manager you’ll be the person who is responsible for creating programs to maximize sales of services.

As a full time employee of EZ Lube you will be eligible for benefits. They offer:

competitive pay, sick time, holidays, paid vacation, vision, dental, medical, and prescription as well. They also have a bonus program, the EZ rider program, and a 401(k) plan

EZ Lube Application Online

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