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Fatburger was founded in 1952 by a woman named Lovie Yancey. She created the biggest juiciest burger that anyone had ever seen so naturally she called it "Fatburger."

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Fatburger has also been known since 1952 as the "Last Great Hamburger Stand", Fatburger is not only famous for its main attraction "The Fatburger," it also has great food, great customer service and great people. Just look at their signature burger – the Fatburger, that’ll give you an idea of the level of "greatness" they’re looking for.

Fatburger’s mission is to provide employees with a fun and vibrant atmosphere while implementing a progressive environment. Simply said – they have a great place to work and the opportunity to grow within the Fatburger company.

They want to be the best employer we can possibly be. So they strive to be the "Employer of Choice" and work diligently to achieve our goal.

Fatburger Corporation and its franchisees are proud to be equal employment opportunity employers. They are also an international chain so working for them will give you an exact idea of how it would be like to work for them in another country. This way, if you ever feeling like living abroad and end up in a city that has a Fatburger, you can apply there as well and with prior experience on your resume, you should be a "shoe in" for being hired.

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