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Starting out as a single Italian pizza restaurant in Omaha Nebraska, Godfather’s Pizza has grown to become the fourth largest pizza chain in the US. William Theisen founded the original Godfather’s back in 1973.

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The chain’s high quality pizza, served as either thick or thin crust, made it popular and allowed the business to grow rapidly.

By 1977 Godfather’s was on top as the number one pizza place in the US. Its rise to restaurant star-dome happened in only four short years making it the fastest rising food chain. In the 1980’s Diversified Foods, Godfather’s parent company, sold the business to Pillsbury. At this time William Theisen stepped down as company manager.

Today, Godfather’s pizza operates 622 locations across 39 states. Small in comparison to Papa Johns 3,000 locations, but still very tasty pizza.

Working for Godfather’s means that you have to have a high work ethic, be honest, have fun, and listen to your customers.

You can work behind the counter taking orders and serving pizzas. You’ll be interacting with the customers here and that means that you have to be able to listen to your customers. Godfather’s big thing is getting a pizza the way you want it. That means a lot of special orders. You must be attentive and be able to take the order down correctly so that your customers will be happy. As the front of house worker you’ll be responsible for making sure that the front is cleaned and salad bar remains stocked.

Godfather’s also prides themselves in having the best pizza available. That means good cooks using high quality ingredients. As the cook you will be making all those special orders so you need to be prepared to do each pizza just a little different while maintaining that great taste.

Godfathers Pizza job benefits for qualified employees include:

  • employee discounts
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • healthcare coverage
  • medical
  • dental
  • paid vacation
  • holiday pay
  • sick leave

Some areas are in need of delivery drivers. While not all Godfather’s locations offer this service those that do need people who can navigate the area and get the pizza there while it’s still piping hot, and get it there safely.

Godfathers Pizza Application Online

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