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In 1906 Mark C. Honeywell founded Honeywell Heating Specialty Company Incorporated. Thanks to the damper flapper that had been invented several years before, Honeywell became an industry leader merging with its competitor Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company in 1927.

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The years that followed were good for Honeywell and they began to expand into other areas. Under the guidance of James H. Binger, who was president from 1961 to 1978, the company expanded into fields such as aerospace, computing, and even defense. In 1999 AlliedSignal and Honeywell merged. In early 2000 General Electric attempted to acquire Honeywell.

While the merger was approved by American authorities it was blocked by the European Commission on the grounds is that it would give the company too much dominance.

One of the many employment opportunities that you will find at Honeywell can come from their Law and Government relations career path. In this career path you will help address important global business issues.

You will provide support and advice on items from customer contracting to operational concerns. You can play a key role in helping to protect intellectual property. If you are really into computers and information technology then the IT department is where you should be. In IT you will be helping with the oversight of the IT infrastructure. Because of the nature of Honeywell’s business gaining experience in IT can actually help promote you out of this area and into others in the company.

Honeywell has other areas in which you can distinguish yourself. Their engineering and technology field is always trying to find new ways to improve on technology. Whether it’s improving something that is already out there or creating something new, this area will put your creativity and ingenuity to work.

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