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Hugo Boss is internationally renown for its high end men’s and women’s wears. It is the store for all the latest German and European fashions. Not only are the clothes hot the fully licensed accessories are popular as well.

hugo boss online application for jobs

Today this company has 360 retail stores and over 1,000 other franchises in 110 countries.

Hugo Boss opened his first store in 1924 but it failed just a few short years later do to a flounder economy. In 1931, after working out a deal with his creditors, Hugo started again with only six sewing machines.

Hugo Boss offers lots of part time and full time job opportunities in their retail stores, same as you would find in other clothing stores. No one likes the prospect of being stuck at a dead end job so with so many positions available you can do something more than just work the floor of their retail stores.

Job opportunities at Hugo Boss include: business management, designers, interns, human resources, apprenticeships, finance, technical production, brand managers, retail outlets, legal affairs, Internet Technology, production, e-commerce, and of course their sales staff. If you like clothes then you’d probably be interested in their buyers and designer positions. If you’re not so into clothing you can still find a job doing something you love such as legal, financial and IT. Room to grow is not a problem.

This company is a worldwide company. What does that mean for you, well if you are trying to figure out wages and benefits packages the best place to go is straight to the local human resources department. The site doesn’t list any particulars mainly because they vary from place to place.

Since Hugo Boss’ headquarters are in Germany you might find that relocating is a necessity to do some of the higher up jobs. What does that mean for you, simply that you might want to be able to speak at least some German if you want to do something like brand management or work through one of their many internships.

Hugo Boss job benefits for qualified employees include:

  • medical
  • dental
  • vision care
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • healthcare coverage
  • health and wellness programs
  • paid vacation
  • holiday pay
  • sick leave
  • employee discounts on company products

Hugo Boss is a high quality fashion brand. Getting a job with Hugo Boss is your doorway into the fashion world. The clothes are high quality and on the more expensive side. Wearing their clothes make you feel like a million bucks! Start you career off on the right foot and apply online!

Hugo Boss Application Online

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