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Back in 1962, four brothers from Evansville, Indiana- Lonnie, Charlie, Jim, and Don, created a local wholesale food route called Pepe’s Pizza which provided par-baked pizza crusts and other pizza ingredients to taverns, restaurants, local bowling alleys, and drive-in theaters. They later rebranded themselves and established their own restaurants called Hunt Brothers Pizza in 1991.

If you love working in a “family environment” then working at Hunt Brothers Pizza is the right place for you! They pride themselves as a being a “family business built upon family values.” They are also a Christian-based company and really strive hard to be a “blessing in the lives of their many team members, customers, business partners, and consumers.”

In fact, proudly displayed on their website are the words- “Our Guiding Principles: Place God first in all we do, Be a blessing to people, Trust God to meet our needs, Strive for excellence.”

And their company slogan – “Made for Me” – was chosen because it exemplifies the servant’s mentality that they bring to all of their business relationships. They are there to meet your needs, always, whether you’re one of their customers or consumers.

That’s a winning mentality and culture in our book! Basing their foundation with that attitude creates a great positive energy and makes them a great choice as a potential employer.

Here’s Richard Petty’s Motosport Pizza Commercial.

Their brand has grown so rapidly that they now have over 7,300 locations across America, which puts them in the top 10 of all fast food chains in terms of locations. That’s ahead of Taco Bell with 6,500 locations and Wendy’s with 6490 locations, but well under Subway with 44,852 and Mcdonalds jobs with 36,525 restaurant locations

Hunt Brothers job benefits

Job benefits at Hunt Brothers Pizza depends on what kind of employment you have with them and how much time you put in, They have restaurant jobs that have your standard health and medical benefits to corporation careers that have many more benefits and perks.

If you’re looking for a great part time job opportunity, consider apply for a job at Hunt Brothers Pizza.

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