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In April 1990 Kirk Perron, Joe Vergara, Kevin Peters, and Linda Ozawa Olds founded Juice Club, Inc. Their first store was located in San Luis Obispo, California.

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They became well known for their quick-server fruit and vegetable juice drinks better known as smoothies. They were so popular that they quickly rose to the ranks as one of the leaders in this industry nationwide. By 1995 they hand grown to include the San Francisco market at which time they changed the store name to Jamba Juice.

Today Jamba Juice has 736 locations nationwide and have expanded their menu to not only include tasty smoothie drinks but to also include simple food items such as sandwiches, flat breads, and salads..

To start your career at Jamba Juice you’ll most likely start off in the Team Member position. As a team member you’ll serve the customers. You’ll use the Jamba Juice recipes to make the various smoothies that customers will be ordering.

Remember, these are made to order drinks and any one of them can be altered at any time, but it’s nothing to worry about. Other responsibilities will be to simply keep the store clean and tidy and of course, greet every customer with a smile.

You can work your way up at Jamba Juice. Once you’ve proven yourself a hard worker as a team member you could be promoted to Shift Manager. As a shift manager you’ll be responsible for overall shift operations. This will include boosting sales performance, managing your team, and maintaining brand excellence which simply means keep the customers and your team happy.

Jamba Juice job benefits to team members and full time employees include:

  • medical
  • dental
  • vision care
  • health
  • paid vacation
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • healthcare coverage
  • holiday pay
  • sick leave

There are other career opportunities within the Jamba Juice team. Once you work your way up to shift manager you can go on to be a general manager, training manager, district manager, or area director.

Jamba Juice Application Online

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