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Are you health conscious? Love being around health oriented people? In 1984 LA fitness opened its first health club in Los Angeles, California. The company expanded in the 1990’s by purchasing under-performing clubs in the Southern California area. They would then take these clubs, develop them and reopen them as newly constructed properties.

By the middle of the 90’s the club had been redesigned to give the members multiple ways to work out. Many of these sites included not just cardio, group exercise, and free weights but also a swimming pool and court sport areas.

By building new clubs and acquiring under performing club chains throughout the nation, LA Fitness ascended to the top and became the “King” of the gym mountain and has added over 180 new clubs between 2006 to 2009.

The behemoth fitness club chain remains a privately owned company and currently owns and operates over 620 clubs across the United States and Canada. They also opened up fitness clubs across the pond in London.

Today, they are now constantly on top of the list of Club Industry’s Top 100 Clubs of the year with yearly revenues coming in at close to $2 billion dollars.

As with most fitness clubs there are lots of opportunities in the LA Fitness family. One of the most important jobs is the Fitness Sales Manager. As the fitness sales manager you will be responsible for showing potential members the club. You will also be responsible for selling the memberships to potential members.

As a personal training sales counselor you will be responsible for creating individual plans for your clients, which includes nutritional guidance, resistance training, and cardio exercises. You will also be responsible for selling membership renewals and upgrades.

Front desk check-in staff, juice bar attendants, maintenance crew, nutritional consultants are also positions that can be applied for by job seekers.

An LA Fitness motivational video for you to check out!

LA Fitness "I CAN" Case Study from Woo Agency on Vimeo.

If you aren’t into sales you might be interested in being a group fitness instructor. In this role you will be in charge of leading the aerobics classes. You will have to make sure to that the students do the exercises correctly so that they don’t injure themselves. You can also work as a janitor. As a janitor you’ll be responsible for keeping the gym maintained up to company standards.

LA Fitness job benefits include (depending on hours and job title)

Sick pay
Flexible hours
Free gym membership

Time to hit the gym and apply for a job!

LA Fitness Application Online

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