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Another powerhouse in the fresh Mexican food industry in Southern California is La Salsa. When La Salsa opened the doors of it’s first taqueria way back in 1979, they quickly gained a reputation throughout Los Angeles for using fresh ingredients and serving up delicious soft tacos, giant burritos and fresh and unique salsa bar to all the local folks.

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As word spread, La Salsa found more and more fans, opening more and more of our quick-service Mexican restaurants, and soon- the Fresh Mexican movement was born!

Since those early days La Salsa has grown into a fresh-mex favorite across Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, parts of Texas- even Rockaway, New Jersey by continuing to take time honored, traditional recipes from all over Mexico and updating them.

Tacos, burritos, salads, even favorites like taquitos and quesadillas… La Salsa puts their own fresh, delicious twist on them by using fresh ingredients and innovative preparation to bring the bold tastes and flavors of Mexico to life to create menu items like no other!

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