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Lululemon Athletica is a technical clothing and yoga inspired company that was founded in 1998, and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

In the beginning, it was a design studio during the day and served as a yoga studio at night. Later in November 2000, it was converted into a standalone retail store. It’s founder is Chip Wilson.

The company deals with technical apparel for both men and women. From the headquarters in Vancouver, the company runs and manages multiple international clothing stores and produces various clothing lines.

It makes, many forms of athletic wear like pants, shorts, yoga accessories and shirts, and sells them internationally through their retail stores and through their website.

The company has branches all over Europe, Oceania, Asia and North America, with about 354 locations. Hence, it has created a lot of employment opportunities, with close to 2,900 employees.

Lululemon has invested in cycling apparel startup 7mesh industries.

Common employment opportunities at Lululemon

Visual merchandise associate: His/ her responsibility is to create and manage a seasonal model to control allocation to various stores. The visual merchandise associate works with operations and community regulation department to ensure authentic and brand accurate direction espousal to the stores so as to inspire growth in sales.

Warehouse associate: The warehouse associate works under the warehouse floor supervisor. His/her man responsibility is to oversee smooth completion of the store’s transfers. Also, the warehouse associate is in charge managing picks in terms of their distribution and replacement, and prepares for deliveries. The warehouse associate ensures tidy, secure and orderly working environment. Lastly, this Lululemon Athletica personnel is responsible for maintaining and overseeing extensive audits twice a year.

Sourcing managers: Works under the product description manager. His/her main responsibility is to create and preserve the source plan for the company’s product line. Also, he/she will create plans and strategies that will help the company attain its goals or objectives.

Lululemon retail store jobs: the company has very many stores in different locations. The stores are the focal point of the company. Some of the jobs available at their stores are the seasonal educator, store manager, assistant manager or people developer and seasonal part time educator. Find the nearest store in your location armed with your resume and inquire about the available employment opportunities.

Factory job opportunities: Also, there are many employment opportunities at their manufacturing industries.

Liaison office jobs: The Company has many offices due to their wide operation base. The main responsibilities of personnel in these jobs are to work with the manufacturers and vendors around the world. They build work relationships and come up with various solutions to challenges faced in the course of their work.

Call center/ Customer service jobs: The Company has a department called Guest education center whereby a lot of employees are dedicated to customer service response.

Distribution jobs: the company sells their products in various part of the world. Hence it has a distribution department with various opportunities.

Lululemon Athletica job benefits:

As an employee of the company, you are entitled to various benefits. Some of these are;

  • Health
  • Vision
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • 401k for both part time and full time workers
  • They offer great allowances for workouts and other personal development activities.
  • Huge employee discounts
  • Vacation pay
  • Sick pay


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