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In 1984 Metro One Loss Prevention Services Group opened their doors for the first time. The company, which started out as a family owned operation, provided security services.

metro one loss prevention online application for jobs

They believed in building the company on a commitment to provide the best service. The company decided that being price driven is no substitute for having quality workers and good resources.

The rigorously screen each applicants and are known for their strict supervision and management of their field agents. All of this has led to growing the company to be one of the leaders in the private security industry.

If you are interested in the security industry Metro One has many wonderful opportunities.

This company prides itself for promoting from within so there is a chance for advancement. All of their top executives started out in one of their many fields. One of the fields that you might distinguish yourself in is the uniformed officers’ field. As a uniformed officer you will be providing security services to both retail and corporate clients. Most uniformed officers are not armed, but if you are certified to carry you might consider their armed officers career path. As an armed officer you will be sent to client sites that are in areas with a greater risk of violence and criminal activity. You will be there mainly to deter potential criminals.

While wearing the uniform is a good way to deter criminals sometimes you need to be a little more covert. Metro One also has an investigations department. This department covers a lot of ground. You may be required to go undercover at a company to report on anything that might be bad for the business. You can also work as a store detective to assist staff in reducing the occurrence of shop lifters.

Metro One Loss Prevention Security Application Online

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