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The Muffler Installation Dealers’ Associated Service, or MIDAS, was established by Nate H. Sherman in 1956. Originally this chain was known as Midas Muffler and became renowned for the specialized service they offered.

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Throughout the years the company has went from solely replacing and repairing mufflers to expanding their business to become auto service experts. They now include service on brakes, fluid changes, and suspensions.

Today Midas has over 2,000 locations located nationwide.

There are several areas of employment with Midas. The first area is the customer service representative. As a customer service representative you will be the point of contact for the customers. You’ll handle all the payment transactions and you must create a positive image for Midas.

The customer service representative must have some knowledge of automotive repair as it is your job to explain it to the customers.

The next area is the general service technician. As a general service technician you’ll be the person that provides general service for vehicle maintenance and repair. You’ll do things such as oil changes, tire replacement and rotation and other basic maintenance. You will need to be able to do these things in a safe efficient manner. You’ll also have to assist in maintaining shop appearance and safety standards in ensuring the shop runs in an efficient manner.

You also work as an automotive technician. While the general service technician doesn’t require an ASE certification the automotive technician does. You will be required to diagnose and provide quality vehicle repair services. Most sites will require a minimum of two ASE certifications and one of those certifications must be in brakes.

If you not only have repair experience but also customer service experience you might be interested in the Auto Shop Foreman position. As an auto shop foreman you’ll use your experience and ASE certifications to provide quality vehicle repair service. You’ll also have to interact with the customers on occasion. You’ll need to be able to make fair and honest recommendations to the customers of the necessary repairs and point out any potential problem areas.

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