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Do you love fresh and healthy Mexican food?  Chipotle Mexican Grill is your answer! Before you fill out the free Chipotle application online, let’s talk a little about the workplace environment. 1993 marked the opening of the doors for the Chipotle Mexican Grill.

This company has taken the fresh Mexican food fast dining concept by storm. They are growing by the minute and their popularity as the “go-to” place for scrumptiously delicious Mexican food with a healthy foundation is undeniable.

Their food is delicious and healthier compared to other well known Mexican fast food restaurants. If you haven’t eaten there, then you should. Not only is it very good, but it’s very filling too

Chipotle specializes in burritos and tacos and is especially known for its large burritos, assembly line production and using natural ingredients.

The Chipotle restaurants are credited as being one of the first fast-casual dining chains. Chipotle headquarters is located in the Ontario Canada, the District of Columbia and 33 other states with a total of over 900 restaurants.

Chipotle has a mission statement that is called Food with Integrity (or FWI) meaning that they only want to use natural organic ingredients in their products. While the food will bring in the customers, the service will keep them coming back.

Chipotle Mexican Grill work environment

Imagine working at a place where people have great pride and truly believe that what they are serving is improving peoples lives, one healthy fresh Mexican dish at a time. That’s a great atmosphere from the beginning.

They prepare real food by hand every day in their restaurants. They take great pride that they have no freezers, microwaves or can openers to be found anywhere in their restaurants.

They welcome experienced restaurant professionals and newbies alike. They’ll provide great teamwork style training you need to feel confident working at any station in the kitchen like the grill, cashier, prep, salsa and expo.

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They take pride in their exceptional customer service and leave it up to each of their team or crew members to create the friendly atmosphere that their customers expect and enjoy the moment they walk through the door.

Regardless of whether you have experience as a host, waiter, dishwasher, cashier, server, bar back, bartender, cook, prep cook, FOH/BOH or fresh off the streets with no experience at all in any restaurant, no problem.

What’s most important is that they’re always in search of people who are passionate and enthusiastic and want to join their family/team.

At Chipotle, once you get the job, you’ll be part of a family that is working to cultivate well fed communities where wholesome and nutritious food is enjoyed every day.

If that motivates you to want to join their team, this is definitely a job you should apply for.

Chipotle job opportunities

If you’re looking from a great part time job, are tired of working at a company that you don’t believe in, or are bored with the “same ol’ same ol,” t then look no further than Chipotle Mexican Grill.

They are well know in the “healthy” fast food industry as a better alternative than the standard fast food joint.

Chipotle prides themselves as having “created something special: a better place to eat and work.”

In fact, they even say “Many employees start just expecting a paycheck, but end up with a rewarding career. they provide exceptional training and a clear career path – over 80% of their managers got promoted from Crew.”

How’s that for a great work environment? Doesn’t that want to make you fill out the free Chipotle application online immediately?

Chipotle Employee Job Benefits

Like most well known franchises in any industry, Chipotle offers great job benefits for their part time employees. Every company has their own definition of what constitutes as a “part time” employee, but usually it’s between 24 and 40 hours a week.

So what kind of job benefits does a Chipotle Mexican Grill employee get? They include:

  • Tuition assistance (up to $5,250 a year)
  • Up to $5,185 in federal grants each year. Combined with up to 44 earned credits from on-the-job training at Chipotle, you could earn your degree for as little as $250 a year.
  • Free food (yes, really FREE)
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance (for everyone)
  • Paid breaks
  • Paid time off
  • Holiday closures
  • Full time and part time opportunities
  • Opportunities for advancement (80% of managers started as crew)
  • Customized college degree programs that can be completed in as little as 18 months, for as low as $250 a year*
  • Competitive compensation, including stock and company car allowance for their highest-performing managers (Restaurateurs)

These employees can expect a competitive salary. They can also enjoy five holidays, New Year’s Day, Fourth of July, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as well as a great employee benefit package that includes medical and dental insurance and a 401(k) policy. Employees also get to eat free during working hours (that’s a great bonus in and of itself!).

Chipotle believes in promoting from within so there is always room for advancement. Something to keep in mind as you’re working for this great company!

Apply online for Chipotle jobs

Chipotle job applicants should be just like the ones you often see working at any one of their restaurants. Someone who is friendly with an enthusiastic attitude, someone that loves to help and serve others (both customers and team members).

Also, someone ready to learn how to cook (a lot) and who can work great under pressure, especially during rush hour like lunch and dinner times.

Like most part time jobs at well known companies, the requirements are that

You have to be at least 16 years old to work at Chipotle
You need to be able to communicate in the primary language(s) of the work location

So keep in mind, whether you apply online for Chipotle or any other company, if you want to work for Chipotle Mexican Grill you need to be self-motivated, hardworking, and friendly,

These are pretty much the main requirements that you have to have and that they need to see when you are being interviewed for a job with them.

Remember to stand out from all the other applicants, not just with a great positive and energetic attitude, but the way you dress too. See our article on how to dress for  a job interview.


Chipotle Application Online

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