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El Pollo Loco, or “The Crazy Chicken,” got it’s start in Guasave, Mexico, in 1975. It started out as a roadside stand and it’s popularity with the locals gew rapidly.

By 1979 they had many restaurants in northern Mexico. In 1980 they took the leap and opened up their first restaurant in the USA by establishing a restaurant in Los Angeles where people lined up around the block. The rest, as they say, is history.

El Pollo Loco is an extremely popular choice for people who are on the go and love fresh, marinated, flavorful chicken cooked on an open grill.

They have been providing outstanding career opportunities to thousands of people. They are a company of dedicated restaurant professionals who are as passionate about their employees as they are about their “Perfect Pollo.”

Why Are they called El Pollo Loco?


It’s Spanish for “The Crazy Chicken,” because they are well known for going crazy lengths to perfect their signature citrus-marinated, fire-grilled chicken and have amassed a crazy and dedicated following of loyal customers since they opened their doors.

They marinate fresh, whole chickens in an original special recipe of delightful herbs, spices, fruit juices and garlic.

The well marinated whole chickens are then meticulously fire-grilled, hand-cut, and served alongside their chicken meals, scrumptiously delicious burritos, tasty salads, authentic soups, mouth-watering tacos and heavenly quesadillas.

And on top of that, they’ve carved out a following for their handmade guacamole, salsas and dressings that compliment their outstanding assortment of foods.

Working for a company that was founded on a passion to create “the best tasting” and most memorable chicken meals gives you a sense of pride.

Their goal was to create nutritious tasting meals that are a healthy alternative to the unhealthy fast food restaurants that litter the landscape, and they did just that.

Brad Pitt worked at El Pollo Loco

It’s a well known fact that when Brad Pitt was a struggling actor in Hollywood he had to make ends meet, just like everyone else.

The most famous part time job for this legendary actor was that he used to work at El Pollo Loco wearing a chicken suit and standing on the corner waving at cars and people passing by in order to get them to come into the restaurant.

Who would have thought that this struggling actor in a chicken suit would become a world famous actor and cement his legacy in Hollywood history?

So, if a legendary actor can support himself by working at El Pollo Loco, so can you. You will be able to tell all your friends and family that you’re following Brad Pitt’s footsteps!

Jobs at El Pollo Loco

Food preparation assistant

Do you love helping prepare nutritious and good tasting food? Then the Food Preparation Assistant is the place for you! It’s pretty much the main stepping stone to becoming a cook because you’ll be working hand in hand with cooks.

From the preparation of delicious sauces to the chicken marinade, you will learn how to prepare foods you can be proud of at this healthy restaurant.

The food at El Pollo Loco is healthy and prepared every day. Other tasks may include keeping guests satisfied with a clean dining room and a well-stocked salsa bar.


Do you love to smile and provide excellent customer service? Then the Cashier position is the right job for you! As a cashier, you will provide friendly and courteous service greeting each guest with a smile and making them feel welcome.

You may be asked to run the drive-thru station and work with a computer to provide a fast and efficient service. Either way, your job will be to guarantee excellent customer service 100% of the time.

Here’s an El Pollo Loco commercial


Preparing “perfect chicken” does not just happen by accident. A dedicated chef is needed who is reliable and eager to learn.

If that is you, then we will provide you with solid training to help you succeed. The cooks offer fresh chicken and excellent flavor throughout the day.

This is a job that you can be proud of! After all, “perfect chicken” means that the chicken El Pollo Loco is made to perfection!

Talented and dedicated chefs, cashiers, restaurant managers, accountants, human resources managers and many other consummate people are the keys to keep El Pollo Loco the best restaurant company that can be.

Talented and dedicated cooks, cashiers, restaurant managers, accountants, human resources managers and many other accomplished people are the keys to keeping El Pollo Loco the very best restaurant company they can be.

Being a member of the El Pollo Loco family, you will be “rewarded with generous benefits, ongoing training and career development, incentive plans, succession planning and the excitement that comes from being part of a company with a strong and exciting future.”

That comes straight for the chickens mouth! haha

Their employees rave about the challenging and fun El Pollo Loco environment, where hard work and a constant commitment to quality are encouraged, recognized and rewarded.

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