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The big department store of the great Northwest USA would arguably be Fred Meyer. Fred G. Meyer, originally of New York City, opened his first public market at the corner of Fifth and Yamhill in downtown Portland in 1922. In 1928, Mr. Meyer opened the first self-service drug store.

The store’s innovations included a grocery store alongside a drugstore plus home products, off-street parking, gas station, and—eventually—clothing.

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In the 1960s, Fred Meyer entered the Seattle market by acquiring Seattle-based Marketime Drugs.

A single Fred Meyer store employs anywhere from 50-300 employees at any given time. During mid-day, usually you will find around 100 employees working at one time within an average Fred Meyer location. Employee benefits vary, depending on the position an individual holds, how many hours per month/week that employee works, and whether or not that store/department of a store belongs to a union.

All employees receive Employee Rewards cards that double as Employee Discount cards. Discounts range from 0% – 20% depending on which department goods are purchased from. A typical Fred Meyer store has job opportunities available on a weekly basis, depending on employees retiring, getting promoted, quitting, or being terminated. Many job opportunities also become available on whether a store becomes busier, due to nearby businesses or the addition of new departments or fuel stations.

Fred Meyer works hard to put the needs of our customers first. They’re looking for friendly, helpful and courteous individuals who will make our customers feel like our store is their store. By putting customers first, they’ve created an open, friendly place to work where honesty, mutual respect, teamwork and high standards are valued. Fred Meyer strives to recognize and reward associates who live our values, work hard and demonstrate a commitment to their customers.

Fred Meyer Application Online
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