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Jack In The Box was founded in February 21st of 1951 by Robert Oscar Peterson in California, San Diego on the main east-west thoroughfare leading into city.

Back in the day, Jack In The Box was famously known for its focus on drive-through service and, more importantly, its multitasking intercom drive-through system, which allowed multiple drive-through customers to have their orders taken simultaneously.

Equipped with an intercom system and drive-thru window, the tiny restaurant served up hamburgers to passing motorists for just 18 cents, while a large Jack-in-the-box clown kept watch from the roof.

Jack in the Box will always be remembered by their spokesman, a well dressed clown with a head the shape of a ping pong ball wearing a yellow pointy hat.

They have arguably the best tv commercials in the fast food industry because they’re both funny and memorable.

Jack in the Box expanded outside of California with the opening of its first restaurants in Phoenix, Ariz. Three years later, Jack in the Box entered into Texas, where it opened restaurants in the Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth areas.

An investment group, including members of Foodmaker management, completed a leveraged buyout of the company from Ralston Purina in 1985.

Foodmaker went public two years later before an investment group, again including members of Foodmaker management, converted the company to a privately owned corporation in 1988.

In 1992, Foodmaker again went public, with an offering of 17.2 million shares priced at $15 per share.

Their menus include burgers, salads, tacos, shakes, and a great breakfast spread.

They are definitely one of the top fast food restaurants across the country and will continue to be one of the top leading chains feeding millions of people each and every year.

Jack in the Box job positions and salary

At Jack In The Box, like most restaurants, the minimum hiring age is 16 years old. Along with that, other hiring requirements include diligent and friendly personalities, a flexible work schedule, a good amount of physical strength, and a Food Handler’s Card.

Salaries of average part-time team members at Jack In The Box start out at minimum wage (which varies state-to-state), the salary of the worker can increase over-time the longer they work and the better they perform. Job salaries are increased as an individual climbs up through the list of job positions, with Team Leaders making $10.00+ an hour to Managers making around $24.00 an hour.

The general job positions offered by Jack In The Box are: Team Members, Team Leaders, Assistant Managers, and Restaurant Managers.

Job Positions

Team Members: General, entry-level employees who cook the food, serve the customers, clean the stations, and maintain a positive atmosphere in the environment. Team Members almost never hold one constant work station, as they must shift between stations rather often. For example, being a cashier to being behind a grill.

These type of employees can apply as early as mid-High School with the prerequisites of being 16 and having a Food Handler Card. They earn minimum wage with an increase of salary parallel to the experience that the Team Member has gathered during the job.

Team Leaders: Team Leaders are responsible for being role models to new employees, being the ones who train and assist the Team Members whilst keeping a positive attitude. These employees must also manage the work Team Members’ work and tend to customers. This position can be stressful due to the amount of people that need to be managed at certain times.

Team Leaders very usually require High School diplomas and previous experience with fast food. They can earn around $10.00 – $12.00 an hour.

Assistant and Store Managers: Full-time employees that represent the restaurant, deal with customer feedback, issues, and questions, deal with hiring new employees, and looking over the restaurant staff. Both the assistant and store managers play a similar role, however one exerts more power than the other, that being the Store Manager.

While the Assistant Manager is 2nd in command to the Manager, the both of them still lead the entire restaurant and delegate all employee activity, ritual, schedule, hiring, and pay. These jobs are obviously the most stressful of the choices, as one must deal with customer complaints, employee complaints, store politics, and store economy.

The reward is quite good, however, as Assistant Managers earn around $19.00 an hour and Store Managers earn $24,00 an hour. Managers require High School diplomas, previous fast food experience, and even sometimes hours in colleges.

Jack in the Box employee benefits

Team Members enjoy competitive wages and great perks upon eligibility including:

Complementing with the previously-mentioned salary, Jack In The Box has many job benefits that include:

  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Retirement: When employees apply, they are given 401k insurances and pensions that can guarantee them a funded future past employment
  • Health Insurance: Healthcare programs at Jack In The Box can offer coverage of medical bills, such as dental or vision bills, for example.
  • Paid School Tuition: Jack In The Box may offer scholarship programs for employees who have worked long enough.
  • Employee Discounts: At restaurants, employees get varying magnitudes of discounts off of food on the menu.
  • Paid Vacation Days: Full-time employees earn around 2 weeks of paid vacations every year. Whenever they wish to use their days, they simply ask the manager in advance.

Job training will teach you the ever so important concept of working effective and efficiently like a team. You’ll be able to take what you’ve learned from your job and apply it to every aspect of your life including any and all future career choices you make.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes there are lines of people during rush hour, yet within minutes they all have their orders filled?

That’s because their training allows them to work efficiently by manning and perfectly the stations they are assigned to.


Future employers love seeing this company on your resume. Just like many of the other fast food establishment like Mcdonalds and Burger King, they have a world renowned training program that teaches their employees to work in a fast and effective team, no matter how busy it can be.

Jack in the Box Application Online

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