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The Pak ‘n Save is a New Zealand Grocery chain that was founded in 1985. It was based on the Pak ‘n Save stores that were operated in Northern California by the Safeway corporation. It is one of the five major supermarkets located in New Zealand and offers groceries at low prices.

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The stores are often no-frills with concrete floors and unlined interiors. This store is a “sack it yourself” type of store so customers are encouraged to bring in their own bags. Some stores do charge customers for the use of plastic bags.

There are many different supermarket positions for you to enjoy. Pak ‘n Save does like to promote from within so just because you start out on the cash register it doesn’t mean that you’ll spend your entire career there.< Store Cashier is one of the main jobs they have available and it is a great entry level position. You'd be in charge of processing all the financial transactions which is a vital part of the business. If the prospect of working the register doesn't suit you then you can work as a Morning or Night Fill (stocker). This job includes organizing, stocking and cleaning the area. It's an important position to help ensure the store looks good and that customers can find the goods they are looking for. If you enjoy working with flowers then a Floral assistant might be more to your liking. You'll be helping to ensure that all floral displace are fresh and full. You may even assist with arrangements and helping customers find the perfect floral arrangement. There are also several management positions you could qualify for. This includes the checkout supervisor, compliance manager, and bakery manager. No matter if you are in charge of the checkout or the bakery the important part is you are able to help your workers work more efficiently and help your customers better. Pak n Save Application Online

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