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Tired of the prepackaged sandwiches, croissants, wraps, and other items at cofffee shops like Starbucks or similar? Panera bread is the alternative that you are looking for and they’ve taken industry by storm. They’re all about fresh sandwiches, soups, and more with your coffee.

panera bread application online

Panera Bread started out in 1981 as the St. Louis bread Company. St. Louis Bread Company was founded by Ken Rosenthal in Sunset Hills, Missouri which is a suburb of St. Louis. In 1993, Rosenthal sold the St. Louis Bread Company chain to the Au Bon Pain company.Panera Bread has become a popular place to have for lunch if you’re interested in working for this company been one of the hourly associates positions might be one you’ll want to consider. To be hourly associates means you could be doing one of several jobs. One of these jobs is, of course, cashier. You’ll be responsible for assisting customers as they make their café and bread choices. You be responsible for ensuring the orders are taken correctly and the changes made correctly.

By 1999 Au Bon Pain Company was ready to expand the company and take it national. Estimate the company nationally they change the name to Panera bread, with the exception of the stores in the St. Louis area. Today Panera Bread is known for their fresh-baked breads and café items.

Another hourly position you may consider is the sandwich maker position. In this role you’ll be responsible for making all the orders to come through the café. You need to be accurate to ensure high customer satisfaction. The prep associate assists sandwich makers by ensuring that all the necessary items are available. They prep the meats, cheeses, veggies, and breads by making sure they are washed, slice, and waiting for use.

Panera is a bakery so a job as a baker is pretty much a given. As the overnight baker it will be your job to ensure all the bread and baked goodies are ready for the next day. You have to be able to pulp mirrors recipes and maintain a high standard of excellence.

Panera Bread Application Online

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