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Started in 1966 by Alfred Peet, Peet’s Coffee and Tea was a lone store located in Berkeley California. The original Shop, which is located near the University of California, is still open to this day. Alfred Peet, the owner, grew up in the Netherlands and you could say coffee washes life, having grown up in the business.

peets coffee online application for jobs

By 1979, Alfred had decided he had enough of running the business and decided to sell. He did, however, stay on as a coffee buyer until 1983. While the Peet’s market has grown and expanded it has not done as much as one of its main competitors, Starbucks. This is because instead of focusing on the coffee bar aspects of the business, Peet’s decided to focus more on coffee and tea retailing.

Peet’s has several job opportunities that you can apply for. Peets is home to one of the most popular coffee bars in the business. Because of this baristas that can maintain Peet’s high level of excellence are needed. As a barista you will be responsive for taking and filling customer orders at the coffee bar.

Peet’s Coffee and Tea is not just a coffee bar it is also a retail location. As one of their retail workers you will be responsible for maintaining stock on the shelves, assisting customers and working the register. Retail of Peet’s coffee and tea is one of the things that set them apart from other coffee bars.

To maintain Peet’s impeccable reputation, shift leads are really important. These valuable members of the Peet’s Crew help vmaintain their high standards. They are there to assist customers and make certain the blows are running smoothly. Assistant managers and managers round out the Peet’s store team.

Peets Coffee Application Online

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