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In 1850 Allan Pinkerton founded the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. This company, which is normally simply called Pinkerton’s, is a private U.S. security guard and detective agency. Pinkerton became famous in the mid-1800s for, as he claimed, foiling a plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln who was at the time president-elect.

pinkerton security guard application online

Because of his abilities, Lincoln later hired these agents as his personal security during the Civil War. The service went on to perform many services for both private guarding to contract military work. At one time the agency had more agents than there were members of the military.

Today the company is owned by a division of the Swedish security company Securitas AB.

Pinkerton Government Services has many employment opportunities. If you are interested in their security positions then you still have quite a few to choose from.

As a security officer (regular) you will patrol and protect the client’s site. You may have to check equipment for safety, control admittance into the building, or simply keep an eye on the area and report any suspicious activity. As an armed security officer you will respond to any calls placed from a client’s site. You will be required to be able to carry a weapon and you may also be required to patrol the perimeter of a client’s offices or screen visitors.

Pinkerton Government Services also has positions that don’t require you to act as a security officer. As an EMT you’ll respond to emergencies, provide first aid and transport any injured party to the nearest hospital. As a fire fighter you will respond to any fires, contain and extinguish the blaze, and remove any person from the area if necessary.

As a receptionist officer you will act as the client’s receptionist. You will answer phones as well as screen, announce and direct visitors.

Pinkerton Security Guard Job Application Online
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