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Martin Sprock of Atlanta, Georgia knew a good idea when he saw it and in 1995 he opened Planet Smoothie. Featuring the exceedingly popular smoothie, Planet Smoothie has grown to become the third largest chain of smoothie stores in the United States.

planet smoothie online application for jobs

Today the company is owned by the successful Petrus Brands Company and operates more than 125 private franchises across the country. Each Planet Smoothie store offers not only nutritional and natural smoothies but also offers a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items. All of them are very tasty and nutritious just like their smoothies.

When you start out at Planet Smoothie you start out as a team associate. This simply means it’ll be your job to make the smoothies and other menu items as requested by the customer.

You’ll be the person interacting with the customer most of the time, from taking their order, to making it and closing out the ticket, you’ll be with them almost every step of their order.

As a team associate you’ll also be responsible for helping to maintain the cleanliness of the store and stocking the areas that need to be stocked. Your supervisor may have other tasks for you to do throughout your shift as well to help improve your customers visit.

As a manager you will be responsible for overseeing your team. You will need to keep them motivated to do the job to the best of their abilities. You’ll also be responsible for ensuring that the store is maintained properly.

You’ll also need to work on ways to keep those revenues up so creativity is a necessary skill required for this job. Your job will also entail ensuring that the customers are happy and satisfied with their orders during their visit.

Planet Smoothie Application Online

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