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It all started in 1995 when native Colorado partners Anthony Miller and Robert Hauser opened their first house in Denver. With a mere $180,000 opening cost, the restaurant soon proved to be a tremendous commercial success, with $1,500,000 revenues in the first year. The partners opted to sell the name and brand later on to ACI Capital which, in turn, later on sold it to the Jack in the Box Company. Nowadays, it’s a successful restaurant with more than 700 restaurants spread throughout the entire United States.

qdoba application online

The main specialties of the house are San Francisco style burritos, tacos, quesadillas, taco salads, nachos, fajitas, chile con queso, Mexican gumbo, and fresh guacamole. Qdoba strives to offer the freshest ingredients, as usual in Mexican cuisine, with obvious reference to their fresh guacamole. Most of their bases are in-house handmade every day, including tortilla, fajita, taco and burrito bases, as well as their chips.

Mexican food is considered as casual food, great to share with friends at the table, and always having in mind it’s also very nutritional and complete, mixing rice, veggies and meat in perfect proportions. We all know how Americans are as fond of fine dining as they are of casual and fast food, and that’s why Qdoba gains so much success throughout the country: unpretentious and quality meals served fast, always with a Mexican flavor.

As for employment, the word here is ‘welcome’. There are currently many available positions at Qdoba in several parts of the country: line servers, cooks, Shift Supervisors, Managers, hourly team members, cashiers… the offers are vast and diversified, and usually the applicants need to have some sort of experience in the role they’re applying to.

But what Qdoba truly values is focused and interested people in building a career, which means key features like promptness, spirit of sacrifice and an unconditional love for the food industry is very valued and appreciated. If you want to turn your love of food into a career, at the Qdoba Mexican Grill you will meet all the conditions to start building your success.

The perks are obviously good: bonus plans, 401k plans, health insurance and assistance, paid time off, life and death insurances, referral bonus, meal benefits, Medical, Dental, Vision and Prescription Drug Insurance and the so important tuition reimbursements, since one of the mottos of the company is to grow while providing growth, just check the company’s site and start a career today.

Qdoba Application Online

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