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Pharmacy’s are quite busy these days with 70 million baby boomers as well as people of all ages need their services to fill their prescriptions. Working for a solid company that been around for a long time can be quite rewarding.
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In the 1930s L.L. Skaggs opened a chain of self-service drugstores in the Midwest. These stores were called the “Pay-less” stores. In 1942 L.L. Skaggs, H.B. Finch, George Hilden, and Paul Stratton formed a partnership and opened the first “Owners Service Company, or Osco, drug store in the wake of dissolving the original stores L.L. Skaggs opened.

As the company began to grow and expand the company was bought out by American Stores Company in 1984. In 1986 the stores changed their name to Sav-On Drugs. In 2006 Sav-On was purchased by the CVS corporation.

Sav-On pharmacies might be part of CVS but they have a unique career path opportunity for those who are interested. One of the nice things they offer is residency opportunities for those who are still in school.

As a pharmacy resident you’ll get the clinical recourse of a college of pharmacy. You’ll also get to learn about the professionalism that your job will require upon graduation and receiving your license. You’ll get hands on instruction in the necessary clinical skills you’ll need.

Sav-On pharmacy is a pharmacy and requires highly skilled pharmacists to fill their customers prescriptions. As well as filling prescriptions you’ll be in charge of your pharmacy technicians and help to ensure that the pharmacy runs smoothly.

You’ll have periodic residents in house so you’ll have an opportunity to train young minds.

Pharmacy managers are responsible for helping to manage their team. Motivation and placing the right person in the right job is key to a well run pharmacy.

You’ll oversee what interns are coming into the pharmacy to be trained by your pharmacists. Since Sav-On prides itself with promoting from within you’ll have opportunities at the corporate level as well.

Sav on job benefits include:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Disability Benefits

If you are interested in becoming a pharmacist, Sav on is a great place to start. They are located all over the USA and you will gain valuable experience working with them.

Sav-on Application Online

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