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As the 19th century came to a close Gennaro Sferra started his business of luxury linens. His intricate lace collars and cuffs became the sought after items in his home of Venice, Italy. He opened his first fine linen operation in 1891.

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By the early 20th century he decided to expand his market to the United States. He noticed that his work would be much appreciated in some of the seaside resorts along the east coast. Because he had a growing demand for these delicate embroideries he opened up a factory in Venice in 1905. He also moved his family to a shop on Fifth Avenue.

Sferra job benefits for qualified employees:

  • Vision Coverage
  • 401(k) and Other Plans
  • Vacation/Holiday Pay
  • Medical Coverage
  • Dental Coverage
  • Sick Pay
  • Employee discounts

Although the Sferra brand was started using hand stitched designs there is no way to do that now and keep up with production.

That does not mean that they don’t need talented seamstresses to help them make their fine linens.

A lot of the work is indeed performed by machines, but those machines only run as good as the people working them are.

They also need designers to help them keep up with the times. Fine linens are great if they are in a style that your consumers want to buy. The design team at Sferra know this and are interested in hiring those that have their finger on the pulse of linen design and know how to transform necessary into stylish.

Distribution is another important role and Sferra. Because Sferra doesn’t have their own stores, you have to be able to be organized so that you can get the right order to the right store. Also, Sferra sells directly to the customer through the company website. Working for their distribution network means you’ll need to be able to fill these orders as well.

Sferra Application Online

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