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Shake Shack Burgers Company was founded in 2000 by Danny Meyer as a fast casual restaurant chain based in New York City. Its popularity grew rapidly by expanding its menu from New York style hamburgers to one with hamburgers, hot dogs, fries as well as milkshakes. Shake Shack Burgers started out as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park as New York City began remodeling the park.

The hot dog stand ran successfully for three years opening the first kiosk style restaurant within the park. Though the initial intention was to to be a single shop location and not a chain, the group realized that there was a market to expand their brand.

The Shake Shack Burgers company opened 63 branches within duration of two years, so that to prove that they can manage their explosive growth as well as the fickle public tastes. This company focused on producing quality food prepared quickly in favor of quality ingredients and customer experience.

The common jobs offered by the Shake Shack Burgers company are food service supervisors, concession stand workers, Shake Shack Managers, hospitality service workers, senior accountant as well as team restaurant member.

Shake shack employees enjoy a number of benefits ranging from

  • health care premiums
  • dental
  • vision
  • retirement
  • disability benefits

Every single employee in the Shake Shack burger company receives a reward of stock at every Shake Shack location as a sign of motivation.

In addition, employees working part time and hourly were rewarded in order to improve the company workforce. They constantly encourage workers to embody warm hospitality and a genuine concern for others. This philosophy has helped bring them major success.

Both Mcdonalds and Shake Shack are respectable brands that cater to similar yet different audiences.

Their stand against beef with hormones and antibiotics has brought them legions of loyal fans who will wait hours to place their order.

Get involved and join their team today!

Shake Shack Application Online

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