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The third largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States is Sprint. They are also one of the oldest telecommunications companies in the US. Originally known as Brown Telephone Company of Abilene, Kansas, Sprint was founded in 1899 by Cleyson Leroy Brown.
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A little over thirty years later Brown changed the name to United Utilities. By 1972 the name was changed again to United Telecommunication and had grown to provide local telephone service to not just Abilene Kansas but also to much of the Midwest and South.

By the 1980s United Telecom began its data service, Uninet and entered the long-distance market by acquiring ISACOMM and US Telephone. To launch its new long distance service the name Sprint was chosen in 1982. Today they are best known for their wireless service.

Because wireless is the biggest thing they do you can find a sales/customer service position in one of their many stores.

You need to be able to interact with the customers. You have to be friendly and knowledgeable about the products that they carry. Don’t worry you will receive training about the different products available n store and on line.

If you work in the stores the biggest thing you’re going to be doing is helping people purchase equipment and activating accounts. Occasionally you will be assisting with billing questions and payment options, more often than not these issues will be handled through one of their many call centers.

As a customer service representative at one of the call centers you will have to be able to deal with all manner of customer. This means you’ll assist with account activations, billing disputes and irate customers. No matter what you must remain courteous and professional. You may even be called upon to assist with technical issues that might come up.

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